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Export and Import Mailbox data to a PST file on Exchange Server 2007.

Posted by Marek.Z on 11 January 2010

This procedure describes how to export all mailboxes from one Exchange Server to a PST files and how to import the PST files to another Exchange Server in a different domain. Before you begin make sure that: 

  • You have a computer that has Outlook 2003 (SP2) or 2007, Exchange 2007 Management Tools (32-bit version), PowerShell and .NET Framework installed
  • Logon with an account that has Exchange Server Administrator and Local Administrator rights
  • You have full access to the users’ mailbox on both servers. See the note below on how to do it. 
  1. Start the Exchange Management Shell and type the following: [PS] C:\>Get-Mailbox –Database “<Exchange Server FQDN>\<Database Name>” | Export-Mailbox –PSTFolderPath C:\PSTFiles to export all users mailbox to a PST file. Press A for Yes to All. Depending on the size of your database, the export procedure could take a long time to complete.
  2. Now the mailboxes are exported to the PST files, make sure that the PST file name matches the alias of the users’ account in the other domain.
  3. Next, import the PST files to the other Exchange Server by typing the following: [PS] C:\>Get-Mailbox –Database “<Exchange Server FQDN>\<Database Name>” | Import-Mailbox –PSTFolderPath C:\PSTFiles and press A for Yes for All. Wait until the import operation completes.

To grant the Administrator Full Access rights on the database type the following command:
[PS] C:\>Get-Mailbox -Database “<Exchange Server FQDN>\<Database Name>” | Add-ADPermission -User Administrator -AccessRights GenericAll


- Marek.Z

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5 Responses to “Export and Import Mailbox data to a PST file on Exchange Server 2007.”

  1. ny escort said

    I been looking to inform you, you are spot on. I got 2 this blog from some other site and am totally intrigued by this category and finding more info. Do you mind if I link to this blog from my article?

  2. Your site showed up on Yahoo when I searched for you, nice job!

  3. Sune said

    nice work just what i needet :) the hard part was getting a windows xp with all the needet software :D

    • Sune said

      This line is usefull if you only want to set premissions/export users from a specifik OU

      Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit TESTOU | Add-MailboxPermission -AccessRights FullAccess -User administrator

      tip: use “Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit TESTOU” first just to be sure you got the right OU

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