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Praim announces Agile!

Praim announces Agile, Your Smart Cloud Access, the new software solution for thin clients and PCs.

Providing simplified interface and the comfort of the secure and efficient management in a single workspace management solution.

Trento, April 3th, 2016 – Praim, a global performance leader of Cloud access and endpoint solutions, offering a powerful and complete systems to create and manage your company workspace, today announced the introduction of its revolutionary software solution, Praim Agile.

Praim Agile offers organisations simplified and optimised interface to access Cloud resources and prevents any tampering. It turns workstations into smartphone-like devices that allows simple connection to resources with a single click.

Agile is the new software solution that can be installed on Windows PCs and thin clients. “Praim Agile is a perfect solution for businesses looking to provide their users with unified and simplified, yet flexible, smart and secure workspace”, said Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Priam. “It provides the new level of simplicity and security to organisations of all sizes.

Smart Access and Control of your Enterprise Resources and Workspaces

Praim Agile offers Desktop Lockdown that turns any device into a tamperproof Windows workstation. Agile can directly managed Microsoft Enriched Write Filter (EWF) and Unified Write Filter (UWF). User interface is fully customisable, this improves users satisfaction while its simplicity increases productivity. Creation of secure kiosks with Windows systems ensure protection of operating systems and devices.

Agile devices can receive third-party software installation packages in addition to dedicated configurations. Power on, power off, configuration and refresh of workstations are just some of the tasks the administrator can perform. Certificate and password management, advanced scheduler for the automation of all operations, unlimited profiling and remote support service makes IT management an easy task.

Simple and Complete Management & Extended Management from a Single Point

The power of Agile is in its native integration with ThinMan Management Console. Together they create a powerful tool that empower IT manager to rule entire IT from a single point. All management and administrative activities can be driven directly from ThinMan console on individual devices or managed groups.” said Tony Main, Territory Manager, Praim. “Possibility to control and see all workstations in a tree structure, Inventory and Log Management make inventory, analysis and network troubleshooting tasks simple.”

In addition, ThinMan Repeater allows full control of remote offices, without the need to manage private networks. “Praim Agile is the software solution that will revolutionised the workspace management and lives of IT managers. It turns enterprises into smart organisations with unified, easy and secure access to resources while all IT tasks can be automated, control and managed from a single point” commented Stefano said Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Praim, “It is the answer for the need to provide organisations with simple and at the same time powerful workstations that improve workflow, increase productivity and are intuitive and user-friendly.”

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