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What is my vCSA PNID?

The vCenter Server Appliance Primary Network Identifier (vCSA PNID) is an identifier that is used during the initial configuration of vCenter Server Appliance. You might seen it as the string if you ever deployed a vCenter Server Appliance on VMware Workstation of Fusion. You might also seen reference to PNID in KB 2130599 – Cannot change the vCenter Server or Platform Service Controller 6.x hostname. In my case, I had a customer that was trying to […]

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How to recover from isolated vCenter HA nodes

During some vCenter HA testing for a customer, I ended up in a situation where all nodes in the vCenter HA cluster could not communicate with each other. This means that all three nodes: Active, Passive, and Witness could not communicate with each other. This is more than a single point of failure and when this happens, the vCenter HA cluster is assumed non-functional and availability is impacted because vCenter HA is not designed for multiple […]

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How to migrate to VMware for Hyper-V Admins

If you’re an IT Pro who started your virtualization training with Hyper-V but find yourself in a situation where you need to work on a VMware platform, this is the perfect webinar to get up to scratch. Sometimes department priorities change, corp. policies change, or maybe company acquisitions are made, etc. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself having to adopt to a multiple hypervisor deployment or making a complete switch to VMware altogether, you’re […]

Nakivo for VMware

NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.2 beta!

Hi all, I have some news to share with you today: NAKIVO is currently opening beta registration for NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.2 and announces new features in the upcoming release: Asustor NAS Support: Install NAKIVO Backup & Replication on an Asustor NAS to create a high-performance VM backup appliance that combines backup software, backup hardware, backup storage, and data deduplication in a single cost-effective device. Log Truncation for Microsoft SQL: Automatically delete SQL transaction […]

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Fix – Verify if management interface (NIC0) is configured correctly and is reachable

When configuring the vCenter Server HA in my previous post, I encountered the following error when trying to deploy vCenter HA cluster. Failed to get management network information. Verify if management interface (NIC0) is configured correctly and is reachable. After some digging on the VMware knowledge base and checking the VMTN community forum, I’ve found a fix. The issue occurs when there is a misconfiguration of the vCenter Server Appliance name in the systemname_info.json file. […]

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How to patch vCenter Server HA cluster

This procedure describes in detail how to patch vCenter Server in HA cluster. You can download individual patches form ( Login with your My VMware account, select patches for VC (vCenter) and download the required patch. The patch comes as an ISO file which you can mount on the vCenter Server Appliance nodes in HA cluster. In this case, I will download and apply patch 5318154 which contains the vSAN 6.6 release. Patch vCenter Server […]

vCenter High Availablity - 01
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How to configure vCenter High Availability

One of the coolest features in vSphere 6.5 is the vCenter High Availability. This solution provides automated failover from active to passive vCenter node with expected RTO < 5 mins. The mechanism uses synchronous replication so there is no data loss and it operates in an Active/Passive configuration with a Witness node. vCenter High Availability feature is only available on the vCenter Server Appliance. Requirements for vCenter High Availability At least 3 ESXi version 5.5 […]


New Features added in vSAN 6.6!

VMware introduces vSAN 6.6 and no, it is not a patch or a minor update but a milestone release! vSAN 6.6 will be the 6th generation of the product and it includes the most number of features ever! Take a look at this impressive list! 🙂 Native encryption for data-at-rest Compliance certifications Resilient management independent of vCenter Degraded Disk Handling v2.0 (DDHv2) Smart repairs and enhanced rebalancing Intelligent rebuilds using partial repairs Certified file service & […]