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Passed the VMware VCP-410 exam!

Yesterday I’ve passed the VMware VCP-410 exam! Now I’m VCP3, VCP4 and Hyper-V certified 🙂 I’ve taken the VMware vShpere: What’s new course to learn about the new features in vSphere. The exam wasn’t very difficult but it had a lot of questions, 85 to be exactly. Beside the course I‘ve used the following materials to prepare myself for the exam: vReference vSphere4 card by Forbes Guthrie VMware vSphere 4 Configuration Maximums My home lab Cheers! – Marek.Z

unhide recovery partition
ESX 3.5

Kill an unresponsive VM on an ESX server.

If you want to kill an unresponsive VM on an ESX server and it cannot be turned off with the vmware-cmd stop hard command then try the following: Logon the ESX server as Root and type: #vm-support –x to find the VMID of the unresponsive VM. Next, type: #vm-support –X <VMID> to kill the VM. Answer the questions as desired and wait until the ESX server finishes the job. Cheers! – Marek.Z

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Log in as Administrator on a RD Session Host when the host is a member of RD Connection Broker group.

Lately, I came across a strange issue after setting up a new Windows Remote Desktop Services farm running Windows Server 2008 R2 Servers. When accessing a RD Session Host through RDP on the hosts’ NetBIOS, FQDN or IP address as Administrator, I was redirected to an another RD Session Host. Logically, because the RD Connection Broker has load balanced the request. Anyway, I still wasn’t able to login as Administrator on the RD Session host, even when using […]