Veeam releases Backup & Replication version 6.

Veeam has just released version 6 of their Backup & Replication software that provides the most comprehensive protection for your virtual environment by offering backup and replication in a single solution so you can have the flexibility to meet different recovery objectives for the VMs. So, let’s have a look at the specs of the new release and see what is new.

  • 2-in-1 backup and replication: Offers backup and replication in a single solution with one price point.
  • Multi-hypervisor support: Protect all VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs with a single product, from a single console, minimizing cost and complexity.
  • Synthetic full backups: Takes previous full and incremental backups to make a new full backup recovery point without duress on primary storage.
  • Built-in de-duplication and compression: Cuts backup storage requirements up to 75% by compressing backup and network traffic and eliminating duplicate blocks of data.
  • Near-continuous data protection: Allows you to capture changes and then updates VM images as often as every few minutes for on-site and off-site replication. This allows you to avoid having to buy additional expensive/specialized products.
  • Agentless: There are no agents for you to license or deploy, manage, monitor or update on hosts or VMs.

This release comes also with vPower which is a technology that can help you meet recovery time and recovery point objectives for your VMware environment with less time, effort, cost and risk. The vPower offers the following features:

  • Instant VM Recovery: Restore an entire machine from backup in a matter of minutes.
  • U-AIR (Universal Application-Item Recovery): Recover individual objects from any virtualized application, without adding application-specific agents.
  • SureBackup: Automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every time.
  • On-Demand Sandbox: Restore from any point (full or incremental) and run production VMs from the backup file in a sandbox for testing or troubleshooting.
  • Universal File Level Recovery: Quickly recover an individual file from any file system.

To learn more please visit Veeam website.



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