VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5: Install, Configure, Manage – Course Recap

A few days ago I attended the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage version 5.0 at the Global Knowledge in Nieuwegein. The course was led by Eric Sloof (@esloof) from, one of the best instructors in The Netherlands. This is a two-day, hands-on training which give you a good understanding of the product and will also provide you with knowledge to plan and perform a disaster recovery of your datacenter. The course […]


How to install Dell MD Storage Array vCenter Plug-in.

The Dell Modular Disk Storage Array vCenter Management Plug-in is a plug-in for your vCenter (doh! 🙂 ) that provides integrated management of Dell MD series of storage arrays through the vSphere Client. This plug-in allows you to configure the hosts with the storage arrays and to create, map, and delete virtual disks from the storage arrays. It also allows you to create hardware snapshots, virtual disk copies, and remote replication but these are premium […]


Lessons Learned: Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches and vSphere 5.

Some time ago, I configured a pair of Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches for iSCSI storage network and wrote a small blog post about the configuration. This time I had a chance to work with the Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches which were also used for an iSCSI storage network. These switches are cheaper and a bit less powerful than the 6224 series but still good for a small, dedicated iSCSI network. Before you begin with the […]


Preparing Internal Flash Cards on Dell R710 for ESXi 5.x Installation.

On my last project I worked once again with the Dell PowerEdge R710 servers but this time the customer followed our advice and purchased the servers with internal 2 GB flash cards. Auto deploy would of course be more awesome 🙂 but due to the limited knowledge of vSphere at our customer, we decided to go with the flash cards. During the installation of ESXi 5.0 I noticed something unusual. The flash cards were detected […]

ESXi 4

Troubleshooting IP-Hash load balancing on a NFS storage network.

When configuring a NFS storage network at one of our customers some time ago, I noticed that the ESXi host wasn’t utilizing all NICs assigned to the NIC team for the VMkernel traffic. After some research, I have found this article written by Frank Denneman a while ago and this VMware KB document. According to the blog post and the article mentioned above, this issue may occur if the calculated hash returns the same result […]


Book review: VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive.

The VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive book has been published a while ago and probably most of you already read it. I purchased the book right after the release and I was reading the book really slowly due to some time management issues. Today, I have finally finished reading this awesome book that was written by Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB) and Frank Denneman (@FrankDenneman) and now it’s time for a little review. This book consists […]