Zerto Virtual Replicatio​n 3.0 released!

Great news from our friends at Zerto today!

Zerto, the standard for disaster recovery in cloud and virtualized environments, announced the general availability of Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0, the industry’s first disaster recovery solution built for public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition to enterprise-class RPO and RTO, simplicity and scalability – key features of Zerto’s core technology – ZVR 3.0 includes new functionality for effective disaster recovery, data protection and workload migration and mobility. ZVR 3.0 is a “software-defined disaster recovery” (SDDR) offering; the hypervisor-based replication solution decouples DR from storage hardware.

The new key features for the Enterprise

ROBO / Single VMware vCenter Support

  • Replicate and protect VMs and applications between hosts managed by the same vCenter
  • Standardize on a single DR technology for the entire organization
  • Migrate VMs between remote offices and datacenters seamlessly without downtime

 Recovery Validation for Live Failover

  • Test before Commit: the capability for end user acceptance validation on the recovered application before committing the failover to production
  • Plus, now you can automate the commit or failback event 

Enhanced Reporting

  • Historical resource usage to accurately predict DR infrastructure needs
  • Reports to satisfy audit requirements with a timeline to assist in predicting recovery times
  • Detailed VPG performance to ensure SLAs are being met

Web-based Management

  • Manage from anywhere with a standalone browser-based UI
  • Updates to the existing GUI to improved readability with expanded screen usage

 Extended Scalability

  • Accelerated recovery with parallel recovery of very large VMs
  • Simplified upgrades
  • Built-in maintenance workflows
  • Auto detect and adapt to infrastructure changes ensuring no interruption to protection and replication

The key features for Cloud Provides

Zerto Cloud Manager

  • New management layer that simplifies the relationship between the CSP and customer
  • Manages customer resources and service levels across physical locations
  • Configure and manage service profiles (SLAs)
  • Manage permissions per customer
  • Provides a single view of a customer or department across cloud and on-premise resources

Zerto Self-Service Portal

  • Empowers DR end-users to select and implement their DR services with minimal management overhead
  • Simple integration of BC/DR into existing cloud self-service portals
  • Includes all customer disaster recovery monitoring and activities
  • 100% multi-tenant, each customer, or department, views and control only their own workloads
  • Offer a more complete service set to your customers with minimal development effort and cost

Service Profiles

  • Configure service profiles to meet specific service levels such as RPO, RTO and maximum journal size

Support for the Entire VMware Stack

  • ZVR 3.0 is the only BC/DR solution that delivers replication and recovery for the total VMware infrastructure, including replication between different versions of vSphere and vSphere to vCloud environments
  • VMware vCloud 5.1 seamless integration providing native support for vApps, Storage Profiles, Org vDC Networks, Provider vDC and more
  • Multi-tenant, automated replication and recovery of workloads managed by vCloud or vCenter

If you want to know more or if you want to download a free trial, head over to Zerto website to learn more!


– Marek.Z

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