Trilead VM Explorer 5.0 released!

As most of you probably know, Trilead VM Explorer is a backup software focused on virtual machine. It supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V servers. VM Explorer includes automated backup testing and offers a cost efficient method to protect your data. The intuitive and easy-to-use web interface offers fast access to backup, replication, restore and file level recovery. The new release introduces automatic backup testing, cloud backup and a new web interface. Now support for Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 (backup, restore and replication) has been added. In this way, if the user’s virtualization infrastructure evolves, becoming a heterogeneous system, VM Explorer 5.0 will be easily integrated into the new environment.

Full list of all new features is available here and you can also watch a number of how-to videos here.

A trial version is available at Trilead website.


– Marek.Z

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