News: VMTurbo Release 5.0 & more!

VMT-Demand-Driven-Control-5A few days ago, VMTurbo launched version 5.0 of their software further enabling the customers to define and drive their environment toward the desired state, where application performance is assured while maximizing efficiency.  Below are some of the key additions and enhancements in this release.

  • Network Control Module – Multi-tier application constructs have increased cross-data center traffic (aka east to west flow). Operations teams are now forced into a tradeoff between placing VMs that communicate frequently close to each other vs. assuring those VMs have sufficient access to compute and storage resources. The Network Control Module extends Operations Manager into the network layer to manage this tradeoff.
  • Hybrid Cloud Control Module – The public cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure) provides on-demand capacity when you can no longer meet demands with your local resources.  But how do you know when and what workloads to burst to the cloud while maximizing the ROI on your compute resources? The Hybrid Cloud Control Module provides you with the intelligence to match application workload demands with the right resources, whether those resources reside in your data center private cloud, the public cloud or a hybrid combination.
  • VDI Control Module – Patches, antivirus updates and virus scans produce I/O intensive demands on storage resulting in significant latency in a virtualized desktop infrastructure environment. With the VDI Control Modules I/O intensive tasks are intelligently throttled to maintain the end-user experience without having to run VDI deployments on dedicated or overprovisioned infrastructure.
  • Application Control Module – With this release we’ve made some significant enhancements to our Application Control Module enabling our customers to control application resource sizing (e.g. heap, thread pool) to assure performance while maximizing efficiency. With release 5.0 we announced support for IBM WebSphere Application Server deployments to leverage the Network Deployment Manager. We will be adding control to additional application servers as well as common relational databases in subsequent releases.
  • Container Control Module – Containers are a relatively newer addition to the software defined universe and present the potential to become the standard for virtualized application deployment due to their light weight, ease of deployment and fast re-start. But how do you assure containers have the resources they need to assure QoS of the containerized application? With release 5.0 and the addition of the Container Control Module we will be driving sizing actions for containers running on hypervisors to assure performance.
  • Cloud Control Module – We announced support for OpenStack in 4.7, and in 5.0 we are continuing to enhance OpenStack support by being an active contributor to this important open source initiative. Our contribution are focused on instrumentation of OpenStack to help our customers more fully leverage the platform.

But wait, there is more! In addition, as a part of the 5.0 release, VMTurbo is giving away 3 quadcopters to lucky winners who download a trial of the software! All you have to do is to follow this link, register and download the software!

Good luck! 🙂


– Marek.Z

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