News: Trilead VM Explorer 5.2 released!

Trilead_FeaturedSome news from our friends at Trilead today!

Few days ago, Trilead released VM Explorer 5.2 which introduces many minor enhancements, bugfixes and the support for VMware VDDK 5.5.3 (64 bit).

VM Explorer 5.2 includes following features:

  • Support for the latest VDDK 5.5.3
    Incremental backups and incremental replications will now be performed by using the latest release of VMware VDDK library.
  • Run custom scripts with a specific user
    Custom scripts can now run with specific user credentials that can be configured on script-level.
  • Customizable E-Mail report tasks
    E-Mail reports are now based on Current task, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom time. In addition the E-Mail priority can be configured.

You can download the latest version of VM Explorer here and install VM Explorer as usual.


– Marek.Z

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