Getting started with Devolutions Cloud!

Some time ago I posted a quick product review on the Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager and it looks like guys at Devolutions have been working hard last months as on March 11th, 2015 Devolutions launched the Devolutions Could. So, let’s have a quick look!

What is Devolutions Cloud?

Devolutions Cloud is the central location for all of Devolutions Online services. It is comprised of multiple services as summarized below. The commonality between all of these services is that they require that you hold a free account to the online services in order to access them.

  • Customer Portal – will evolve in being your one stop shop for anything related to Devolutions. Client licenses, invoices, support interface, forum access, etc.
  • Online Database – is an online repository for our client applications. Being web based, it is therefore always available regardless of your location.
  • Custom Installer Service – allows you to create your own personalized installers for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise or Password Vault Manager Enterprise. Please note that is limited to the Windows Edition at this time.
  • Online Drive – stores and synchronizes your remote connections and credentials online.
  • Online Backup – is a backup service for some of the data sources supported by the client applications.

Let’s have a closer look at these features!

How to get access?

Simple, go to Devolutions Cloud and sign-up for a free account!

Customer Portal

When you register and log in, you will be transferred to the customer portal where you can edit your account, change password but also see your serial numbers and invoices.Devolutions Cloud 01

Online Database

The online database gives you an option to store your sessions in the cloud but you will have to add a new data source in the RDM first.Devolutions Cloud 02

Custom Installer

The custom installer gives you an option to generate a custom installation package of the RDM or the PVM with data source of your choice. Before you begin, make sure you have the latest version of the software downloaded on your local disk drive and you’ve created the .rdi file through File -> Online Account -> Installer File Generation in the RDM. Devolutions Cloud 03

Online Drive

Devolutions Online Drive is much like Dropbox or Amazon S3, this is an online file storage service, but dedicated to a single file type – Remote Desktop Manager’s connection list. Before you can use it, you must first add a new data source from File -> Data Sources -> Devolutions Online Drive.Devolutions Cloud 04

When the service is configured correctly you should see an extra option in the drop-down menu under the navigation pane named Devoultions Online Drive.Devolutions Cloud 05

Online Backup

Devolution Online Backup service works with any XML and Microsoft Access data source, and is designed to automatically save session data in the event of a human error, equipment failure, or other potentially catastrophic event.

  1. Enter the serial for the online backup and provide a name for the backup file.Devolutions Cloud 06
  2. Under the Actions pane, click Execute Backup and you should receive a message that the backup has been created.Devolutions Cloud 07

Note: according to Devolutions, in the future the Online Backup license will be added by default with an RDM license as a feature instead of an add-on.

So, what’s your opinion on Devolutions Could? Did you checked it out? Let me know in the comments!


– Marek.Z

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