New Product from Devolutions: Introducing Wayk Now Beta

wayknow-beta-free-remotesupport-remotedesktopI’ve got some great news for you today from our friends at Devolutions! A new product called Wayk Now is being launched in the upcoming weeks.

What’s Wayk Now?

Using Wayk Now, you can take control of a remote computer, or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. Wayk Now will soon become available as a first Beta version of the software which will be released in the next weeks. Walk Now is a new remote desktop tool that will also be integrated with Remote Desktop Manager soon after the release. And the best part of all this is that it is completely free! 🙂

Wayk Now key features include:

  • Send and receive files of any size
  • An enhanced clipboard that lets you copy/paste just about anything between local and remote applications
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux – all with the same rich feature set
  • Strong TLS 1.2 encryption with certificate validation
  • Easy-to-use, with none of the common usability problems found in remote support and remote desktop scenarios
  • A lightweight package with a small footprint that launches without installation or elevated permissions

Interested? Head over to Devolutions website to read the full announcement and sign up now to get on the beta list!


– Marek.Z

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