Vembu BDRSuite v5.5.0 is GA!

Vembu BDRSuite v5.5.0Vembu BDRSuite v5.5.0 is GA!

Vembu recently announced general availability of BDRSuite v5.5.0. This version brings the following key futures and product enhancements.


  • Support for VMware vSphere v8.x
  • Google Cloud as Backup Repository
  • ConnectWise Integration
  • Backup and Recovery of Google Workspace Shared Drive


  • VMware Backup Performance increased by 2x
  • VMware CBT Reset
  • Parallel Disk Image Backup
  • Parallel Synthetic Full Backup
  • Auxiliary Applications for Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Restore to a mailbox in different Organization (Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace)
  • Restore the backed up user mails directly from Microsoft 365 console through BDRSuite Add-in for Outlook
  • Download Restore Logs for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Breadcrumbs view for OneDrive and Group OneDrive Restore
  • Enhanced progress window for Offsite Replication
To know more about Vembu BDR Suite v5.50 GA release and a full list of new features and enhancements, please refer to the Release Notes.

Note: the BDRSuite installations below version 5.0 should upgrade to version 5.0 first before upgrading to vBCDR5.5.0 GA.

Additional Product User and Installation guides are also available.

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