Altaro VM BackupAltaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup is a backup software solution for Hyper-V and VMware. It makes backing up virtual machines super easy! Altaro has built a streamlined solution built specifically for small and mid-market businesses that is easy to implement and feature-rich. Altaro VM Backup is packed with features to create a rock-solid backup and disaster recovery strategy.

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With Altaro VM Backup Free Edition you can back up two VMware VMs for free. It’s free forever. No catch.

Augmented Inline Deduplication

In v7 Altaro released a new inline duplication technology to improve backup storage requirements. On average Altaro customers are saving 65% in storage space. This advanced implementation of inline deduplication from Altaro creates the smallest backup size when compared to other vendors. It also doesn’t make use of post processing and runs in real-time for every backup. As a result only the blocks that truly need to be transferred, are transferred.

Offsite Backup

Backups can be replicated with WAN Acceleration to an Altaro Offsite Server (Separate install with no added cost) for added disaster recovery. Usually this site is not on premises and for the first time, if bandwidth is limited, backups to the offsite server can be done physically with the Seed to disk functionality. Additionally, an established VPN, or drive rotation can be used for offsite backups as well.

Automated test drills

Sandbox restore tests can be set up to check if the VM boots from backup in case of failure and, backup data verification checks can also be set up to verify backup integrity as well.

Boot VM from Backup

In case of downtime a VM can be directly booted from the backup drive. Users can almost immediately start working on the booted VM, while the VM is recovered in the background. Once the recovery job is complete, the administrator can wait for an outage windows to complete the recovery. Once the admin says go, the changes that were made during the day are committed to the newly recovered VM, the instant-boot VM is powered off, and the recovered VM is powered on to continue normal production work.

Affordably priced

Altaro VM Backup is affordable, priced per host and not per socket or CPU.