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Windows XP clients disappear from the WSUS console.

A few days ago I came across a strange issue with some Windows XP clients and Windows Update Server Services 3.0. The XP client PC’s were mysteriously disappearing from the Update Services Management Console. For example, when one client made a connection to the WSUS server to check for new updates, the other one will disappear from the console. This behavior could be replicated when running the C:>wuauclt /detectnow command on one of the affected […]


How to enable Jumbo Frames on a HP ProCurve Switch.

When configuring an iSCSI network, don’t forget to enable the Jumbo Frames on you physical switches. Follow these steps to enable the Jumbo Frames on a specific VLAN on a HP ProCurve switch: Login to your switch. After login type: <switch># config You will enter the config mode, type: <switch>(config)# show vlans to show the VLAN configuration. To enable Jumbo Frames on the VLAN type: <switch>(config)# vlan <ID#> jumbo Check if the setting applied successfully […]


TechNet Live 2009 @ World Forum, Den Haag.

Today (8 October 2009) I attended with some of my colleagues the Microsoft TechNet Live – Join the new efficiency at the World Forum Den Haag, the Netherlands.  We arrived a little bit too late to see Steve’s  Ballmer keynote about “The New Efficiency” because of the traffic jams but we could catch Tony Krijnen and Daniel van Soest “Windows 7 – Seeing is believing” keynote which was great, as you could expect from this duo […]


Passed the Microsoft 70-403 Exam!

This morning I passed the Microsoft 70-403 System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Configuring  exam! The exam wasn’t difficult at all; I was surprised by the low technical level of the questions. I got 44 questions and I’ve cleared them in a little bit more than an hour. What kind of questions could expect at this exam? I got a lot of questions about Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) and about installation, configuration and the User […]

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ESX 3.5

Start/stop a VM from the CLI.

Follow these steps to start or stop a VM from the CLI of your ESX server: First, find the full path to your virtual machine by typing: #vmware-cmd -l To start a VM type: #vmware-cmd <path to your VM> start To stop a VM type: #vmware-cmd <path to your VM> stop (hard). This option is optional. It will force a hard stop of your VM. Cheers! – Marek.Z

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ESX 3.5

Grant the Root user SSH access.

Granting SSH access to the Root user is not recommended from the security point of view. But, when you are in a secured environment you can safely enable the SSH access for the Root user. Login on your physical server as Root user. Type: #vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the PermitRootLogin value in the file and change it from “no“ to “yes“. Save the file. Restart the sshd service by typing: #service sshd restart You can now […]


Great VM network config!

A few days ago I was visiting a customer to troubleshoot some network issues on their virtual environment. I was amazed when I looked at the network configuration of their ESX servers. Look at the picture below and judge for yourself. The guy who configured it must be a real VMware guru! 😉 Cheers! – Marek.Z