Lessons Learned: Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches and vSphere 5.

Some time ago, I configured a pair of Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches for iSCSI storage network and wrote a small blog post about the configuration. This time I had a chance to work with the Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches which were also used for an iSCSI storage network. These switches are cheaper and a bit less powerful than the 6224 series but still good for a small, dedicated iSCSI network. Before you begin with the […]

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Dell PowerConnect 6224 – Lessons Learned.

A few days ago I had a chance to configure a Dell EqualLogic PS4000XV iSCSI SAN connected through two Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches during a virtualization project at one of our customers. Although the configuration of the switch is quite straightforward, there are some configuration settings that should be considered. Enable the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol on the switch as well as the “spanning-tree portfast” feature on all ports connected to the SAN Enable Jumbo […]