Change the HAL from multiprocessor to uniprocessor on a Windows 2003 Virtual Machine.

When performing a P2V or a V2V migration process, it’s a good opportunity to reduce the number of processors that the virtual machine will use. When you are migrating a multiprocessor server to a uniprocessor virtual machine, keep in mind that the HAL of the virtual machine needs to be changed from multi to uniprocessor. So, when the migration process is finished and the virtual machine is running, follow these steps to change the HAL […]


Assign a static MAC Address to a Virtual Machine on VMware infrastructure.

A few days ago I was P2V’ing some servers for a customer. The servers had application license bound to the MAC address of the NIC adapter so I had to change the auto-generated MAC address to a static one. Follow these steps to change the MAC address from auto-generated to static. First, remove the VM from the vCenter Server inventory. Open the datastore containing the VM and download the .vmx file. Optionally, make a back-up […]


P2V quick reference guide.

I’ve been doing a lot of P2V’s for different customers lately and since most of the actions performed during the P2V procedure repeat themselves quite often, I’ve decided to create a quick reference guide for the P2V migrations. The steps described below are based on the Windows machines from different vendors. Let me know if you know any other steps that I should add to this list. Pre-P2V actions 1.  Create a P2V impact analysis […]