VMware Workstation 9 released!

VMware released version 9 of their VMware Workstation software. VMware Workstation 9 delivers best-in-class Windows 8 support and innovative new features that transform the way technical professionals work with virtual machines, whether they reside on their PCs or on private enterprise clouds. So, what’s new in VMware Workstation 9? Windows 8 support Graphics Improvements OpenGL for Linux Guests Restricted Virtual Machines. This new capability allows the author of an encrypted virtual machine to require users […]


How to: Install & configure VMware vCenter Server Appliance

The VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) is a new product from VMware which enables you to run a preconfigured vCenter Server as an appliance in your vSphere environment. The appliance is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and comes pre-packaged in OVF, ZIP or VMX format. This provides a low-cost alternative to the “classic” Windows based vCenter Server. The vCSA is packaged with an embedded database that supports up to 5 hosts and 50 […]


Update: Start and stop VMware Workstation services on your laptop – menu driven.

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about starting and stopping the VMware Workstation services on your laptop. Yesterday, VMware Workstation 8 has been released and there are some changes in the services that this application uses. After the installation I have noticed that the VMware Agent Service and the VMware DHCP Service are now gone. They have been replaced by the VMware Workstation Server service. This leads to an update of my “ […]


Start and stop VMware Workstation services on your laptop – menu driven.

When you install the VMware Workstation software on your system the Workstation services (VMware Authorization Service, VMware Agent Service, VMware NAT Service, VMware DHCP Service and the VMware USB Arbitration Service) start-up type is set to Automatic by default. Since I’m not using the Workstation every time I boot up my laptop (well, almost not every time 😉 ) I’ve decided to start and stop the services manually but I did not feel like starting and stopping […]