Infinio AcceleratorAbout Infinio Accelerator

Infinio Accelerator is a software-based server-side cache that provides high performance to any storage system in a VMware environment. It increases IOPS and decreases latency by caching a copy of the hottest data on serverside resources such as RAM and flash devices. Native inline deduplication ensures that all local storage resources are used as efficiently as possible, reducing the cost of performance. Results can be seen instantly following the non-disruptive, 15-minute installation that doesn’t require any downtime, data migration, or reboots.

In short, Infinio can:

  • Accelerate any VMware storage: SAN, NAS, DAS, HCI, all-flash and VSAN
  • Deliver 80 microseconds (0.08ms) response time by caching the hottest data on host RAM
  • Increase IOPS to 1,000,000 per host with a tiered cache across RAM and flash devices
  • Show results instantly following a 15-minute installation that doesn’t require any downtime

Try Infinio Today

A trial of Infinio is as simple as a quick download and 15 minute installation with no downtime, data migration, or reboots.  You are welcome to try an unlimited version of the product for 30 days, seeing how it works with your environment.  You won’t need to make any changes to your storage or virtual machine configurations, and when you’re done trying the product, you can remove it without any downtime (but we don’t think you’ll want to!)

Accelerate Anything

With Infinio, you can accelerate any storage you can use with VMware. Infinio works with any storage that you find on VMware’s Hardware Compatibility Guide, including SAN, NAS, DAS and hyper-converged; NFS, VMFS, VSAN and VVols. Infinio is most often deployed in database and application environments (like MS-SQL and Oracle) and for virtual desktops.  With performance 10X that of all-flash arrays, Infinio is suitable for accelerating the newest deployments of storage, or for extending the life of older arrays.