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Back to Basics – SRM – Part 5: Protection Groups

In the previous part we configured the inventory mappings in the Site Recovery Manager to map the resources at the Protected Site to the resources at the Recovery Site. In this part of the SRM mini-series we will go deeper on the protection groups that can be configured in SRM. A protection group is a collection of virtual machines that Site Recovery Manager protects together. Create Protection Groups On the Protected Site, open the vSphere […]

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How To: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 – Part 8: Protection Groups

After configuring the replication of the virtual machines in SRM we can now create Protection Group(s). So what exactly is a protection group? Well, it’s quite self-explanatory 🙂 “A protection group is a group of virtual machines that fail over together to the recovery site during a test or a recovery procedure.” The protection group can be used in one or multiple recovery plans which we will create later. Protection groups can be Array-based or […]