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Back to Basics – SRM – Part 3: VM Replication

In the previous part, we deployed and configured the vSphere Replication for the SRM implementation. Now, let’s have a look at the virtual machine replication options that are available in the vSphere Replication from the vSphere Web Client. VM Replication In the vSphere Web Client, select one VM, right-click it and select All vSphere Replication Action -> Configure Replication to start the replication of a VM. Since we want to use SRM, select Replicate to […]

Site Recovery Manager

How To: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 – Part 7: VM Replication

Before we can protect a single virtual machine or a group of virtual machines, the virtual machine files need to be replicated from the Protected Site to the Recovery Site. Since we have already set up a VR infrastructure we will proceed using this mechanism. In this case, we will skip the replication configuration of a single VM and concentrate on configuring replication of multiple VMs since it’s the most common setup in a virtual […]