Setting IP address on a APC UPS from command prompt.

If you can’t set the IP address on a APC Management Card using the IP Configuration wizard, you can follow these steps to set it manually. For example, you want to set the IP address on a Management Card with 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5 MAC address.

  1. On your Windows machine, start command prompt and type: C:>arp -s 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5
  2. Type: C:>ping -l 113
  3. Now you can use Telnet or your Internet browser to finish the configuration (Default Gateway, subnet etc.) of the APC Management Card. The default user/password is apc/apc.

Note: your Windows machine and the APC Management Card must be on the same subnet.

Source: APC Installation and Quick-Start, Network Management Card.


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