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Setting IP address on a APC UPS from command prompt.

If you can’t set the IP address on a APC Management Card using the IP Configuration wizard, you can follow these steps to set it manually. For example, you want to set the IP address on a Management Card with 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5 MAC address.

  1. On your Windows machine, start command prompt and type: C:>arp -s 00-a1-b2-c3-d4-e5
  2. Type: C:>ping -l 113
  3. Now you can use Telnet or your Internet browser to finish the configuration (Default Gateway, subnet etc.) of the APC Management Card. The default user/password is apc/apc.

Note: your Windows machine and the APC Management Card must be on the same subnet.

Source: APC Installation and Quick-Start, Network Management Card.


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5 Comments on Setting IP address on a APC UPS from command prompt.

  1. and if you don’t know what the ip address (already set) is of the ap9606?

  2. Still can’t ping the static ip, disabeld windows firewall + symantec.
    Both using the same subnet, and machine’s ip:, NMC2 –

    • Hi TJ,

      Can you ping other devices on this network segment? Try reset to factory defaults and repeat the steps described above.


      P.S. Apologies for late response.

  3. hi Mr. como puedo ver la MAC de mi UPS RT10000

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