List all performance counters on a Windows computer and export it to a file.

Have you ever wondered how to list all performance counters that are present on your computer? Well, I have and after some research I discovered the TypePerf.exe command. Believe it or not, TypePerf.exe is installed by default on all Windows versions after Windows 2000. The syntax looks like this (tested on a Vista machine).

C:>TypePerf.exe –q > counters.txt

This command will list all performance counters on your computer and save it to a text file named counters.


– Marek.Z


  1. I tried to oen in my loacal PC. I am able to see the counters.txt file, but i did not find any values in that text pad. Please let me know how we can able to see the list of counters with values. Thanks in advance..

  2. Didn’t work for me at first either, even when running as admin. worked after i remover”.exe”

    c:\>typeperf -q > counters.txt

    Thanks Marek, got me on the right track and was a huge help.

  3. And if you are using a non-english operating system (like Windows 2012 R2 German) and your textfile does not display the umlauts correctly, then you just use the output function of typeperf itself:

    typeperf -q -o counters.txt

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