VMware vCenter Orchestrator Community.

Just a quick post about the VMware vCenter Orchestrator. I was listening to the VMware Community Roundtable podcast on TalkShoe the other day and the topic was the VMware vCenter Orchestrator. If you are interested in the vCenter Orchestrator or you want to share your workflows or browse the discussions, this is the place to be 🙂 Cheers! – Marek.Z

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Configuring software iSCSI Round Robin MPIO on ESX 4.x.

This is just a quick post about configuring software iSCSI Round Robin MPIO (2:1 mapping) on an ESX 4.x server. Here is a quick overview of the procedure: Create VMkernel ports on a vSwitch Configure the VMkernel ports Assign physical NIC’s to the vSwitch Configure the uplinks on the vSwitch Enable software iSCSI initiator Find and add VMkernel ports to the iSCSI initiator Add an iSCSI target to the iSCSI initiator Rescan the HBA adapter […]


HP StorageWorks P4300 G2 SAN – Lessons learned.

There are a lot great blog posts about the HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN arrays (formally known as HP Lefthand). I think the articles written by Frank Denneman are one of the most famous 🙂 . Anyway, a few days ago I had a chance to work with the HP P4300 SAN’s myself when I was configuring a new virtual infrastructure for one of our customers. There were 4 HP StorageWorks P4300 SAN arrays, 2 at […]