Today I close this chapter, tomorrow I open a new one.

I don’t really know how to start this blog post as it is not a technical one… 🙂

The last couple of months have been really bad and troublesome for me and my family. Some of my good (twitter) friends already knew what was going on and have been a real help to me. The story begins in June, just 3 days before my holidays. My former employer decided to suddenly end my contract due to reasons I cannot discuss in public. Being a husband, a father of two and the only source of income to my family, you can imagine how hard this hit me. After discussing this matter with my family we decided to go on holiday anyway and try to recover from the blow. As you can imagine, the holiday wasn’t a pleasant one but at the end I had reached an agreement with my former employer. Today was my last official day at my former firm. I returned all the stuff and left with mixed feelings. Somehow I was a bit sad, I really enjoyed working there for more than three and a half years. I have met great people there and took part in some very interesting projects. I am also still very disappointed and maybe a bit angry because of their decision to let me go. On the other hand I am quite happy because tomorrow I will join another great firm and I am really looking forward to working there. So, today I close this chapter…

…and tomorrow  I open a new one. As per October 1st, I’ll be joining Inter Access here in The Netherlands as Technical Consultant. Most of my Dutch readers probably know this firm as it is quite known here in The Netherlands. I’ll be joining the infrastructure team and will mostly work with VMware and Microsoft products. So, as you can see my job role will not change significantly. I am quite excited and really happy that I was given this opportunity and I am looking forward to start working tomorrow for my new employer.

Regarding to my blogging, I don’t expect much change. As always, I will try to provide you with good how-to and troubleshooting content based on my experience and projects I took part of.



– Marek.Z


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