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Customizing IP addresses for VM’s in SRM 5 – Part 2

In the previous part we had a closer look at customizing the IP addresses in SRM using the manual method. In this part, we will customize the IP addresses for multiple virtual machines by defining the IP customization rules in SRM. I will not go into the small details of how this process works. It is very well documented in the vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.8 Administrator Guide on page 77 and 78 in the […]

vBeers Eindhoven

Mark your agenda! – vBeers Eindhoven – The Almost Spring Edition

The next vBeers Eindhoven (the southern part of the Netherlands) is coming up, so mark your calendar for this vBeers on Fiday the 6th of March 2015! It will be an informal event, just to network with other people in the virtualization industry, have some drinks (and food if you want), share knowledge and just to have some fun! Despite this edition is called the The Almost Spring Edition, it can be (very) cold, so we […]

IP Addresses SRM F
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Customizing IP addresses for VM’s in SRM 5 – Part 1

In one of my previous blog posts (Back to Basics – SRM – Part 4: Inventory Mappings) I briefly touched the subject on adding an IP address customization rule when creating the inventory mappings and in this article we will have a closer look on how to configure the IP addresses customization in SRM. According to the vCenter Site Recovery Manager Administration Guide, the vCenter Site Recovery Manager supports different types of IP customization: Use […]

vExpert 2015

Trophy Earned – vExpert 2015!

Today (February 5th, 2015), Corey Romero and the VMware Social Media & Community Team announced the vExpert 2015 list. I am honored and extremely happy to announce that I have been awarded the vExpert award for the forth time! I want also to point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a […]

Content Library

What’s new in vSphere 6 – Content Library

The Content Library is one of the new features in vSphere 6. The Content Library provides simple and effective management for VM templates, vApps, ISO images and scripts for vSphere Administrators collectively called “content”. The Content Library can be synchronized across sites and vCenter Servers. Sharing consistent templates and files across multiple vCenter Servers in same or different locations brings out consistency, compliance, efficiency and automation in deploying workloads at scale. Content Library features in […]

VMware vSphere 6 Launch

What’s new in vSphere 6!

Today, at a live (web) event, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger unveiled the release of VMware vSphere 6 ! Since I participated in the vSphere 6 beta program and also have a beta test environment running in my home lab, here are the features and enhancements found with VMware vSphere 6 that are, in my opinion, some of the most significant and exciting. Install & Upgrade Enhanced Install and Upgrade Capabilities – Windows vCenter installation experience […]