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PowerCLI Basics – Create custom vCenter Server role

A quick post on how to create a custom vCenter Server role using PowerCLI. Cmdlets and reference pages used in this example can be found here: New-VIRole Get-VIPrivilege Create custom vCenter Server role Open PowerCLI and connect to you vCenter Server: PowerCLI C:\> Connect-VIServer <IP_or_FQDN> Enter the Administrator credentials and login. Create a custom vCenter Server role by entering the following command: PowerCLI C:\> New-VIRole -Name “<Role_Name>” -Privilege (Get-VIPrivilege -Id <Privilege A>,<Privilege B>…<Privilege X>) Press Enter. PowerCLI should […]

vSphere Beta

It’s vSphere Beta Time!

vSphere Beta Program Overview VMware is excited to announce the upcoming VMware vSphere Beta Program. This program enables participants to help define the direction of the most widely adopted industry-leading virtualization platform. Folks who want to participate in the program can now indicate their interest by filling out this simple form. The vSphere team will grant access to the program to selected candidates in stages. This vSphere Beta Program leverages a private Beta community to download […]


InfraXstructure conference 2016 is just around the conner!

If you are interested in the newest technologies, gamechanging ideas and trends both on global and Polish Data Center market then you must attend the annual InfraXstructure Conference 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. This is the first conference of its kind gathering independent specialists being experts of Data Center technologies – professionals, who deal with co-location, data security and recovery, IT architecture, cloud systems, data storage, servers and business continuity. This conference gives you a fantastic space to freely exchange experiences, […]