BDRSuite v5.6.0 – Release Highlights

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The latest version of BDRSuite v5.6.0, has been released and is ready for download!

BDRSuite v5.6.0 – Release Highlights

New Features

  • Add Servers and Endpoints through AD/LDAP Server
  • Centralized Backup Management for Mac
  • Backup Windows machines directly from Linux BDRSuite Backup Server
  • Backup Job Template for Endpoints and File/Folder Backups
  • Multi-tenancy support for Endpoints and File/Folder Backups


  • Users can now schedule an on-demand incremental backup for a specific host(s)/VM(s) and failed host(s)/VM(s) in a backup job
  • List of all Protected Host(s)/VMs in the BDRSuite Backup Server for Host/VM level backup and direct restore
  • Microsoft 365 backup support for permanently deleted mails and litigation hold items
  • Users can now choose the Azure Environment (Azure Default Cloud, Azure US Government clouds, Azure China) while adding Microsoft 365 Organization
  • Users can now add Microsoft 365 Organization with Certificate Based MS Graph API authorization instead of Application secret Key
  • End-user self recovery via BDRSuite’s MS Outlook addon and end-user login for SaaS application backup
  • Deleted items retention handling for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Backup speed optimization for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Where-it-left-off feature support for Microsoft 365 user mailbox
  • Backup parallel limit & queue/retry mechanism for endpoints
  • Users can now search for specific Backup/ VMs from the reports page (Recent Job Schedule, Recent Host/VM Schedule reports, etc…)
  • Enhanced filter option in List Jobs / Recovery pages to search in name of backups, and filter by the status of backup (active, idle, etc…)
  • End-user restore based on Online Authorization for SaaS applications

Full list of new features and enhancements can be found in BDRSuite v5.6.0 Release Notes.


– Marek.Z

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