How To Install and Configure vSphere App HA – Part 3

In the two previous parts, we installed and configured the vSphere App HA so it is now up and running. Time for some testing! In my setup, I have a Windows 2003 virtual machine running Microsoft SQL Server. Before we can protect the VM we must install the Hyperic Agent first. Install Hyperic Agent Download the appropriate Hyperic Agent installation file from VMware first. Execute the EXE file, in my case vCenter-hyperic-hqee-agent-5.8.1.exe. Click Next on […]

Site Recovery Manager

How to: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 – Part 4: vSphere Replication

Now that the connection between the Protected and Recovery Site is established, we can start deploying the vSphere Replication (VR) but before that, the VR infrastructure must be configured and operational. The VR infrastructure consists of the following components: VRM Server: provides the management of the VR Servers across the ESXi hosts VR Server: replicates the virtual machines between sites vCenter Server Managed IP Address First, configure the vCenter Server Managed IP address. The managed IP […]

Site Recovery Manager

How To: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 – Part 2: Installation

In the previous part I created a database and an ODBC connection for the deployment of SRM 5. In this part we will focus on the installation process of SRM 5 which is quite straightforward if all of the prerequisites are met. After the installation we will have to download and enable the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Extension plug-in for administration of SRM 5. Installation Login to the vCenter Server, locally or through RDP, […]