503 Service Unavailable when logging in on ESX server through Web Access.

I have encountered this error after a clean installation of ESX 4 server on a new HP DL 380 G6. When you access your ESX server through web interface and you try to log in by clicking on the “Log in to Web Access” link, you get the “503 Service Unavailable” error in your web browser. Here is how I solved this issue:

  1. Log in to the console of the affected ESX server (or through puTTY) and check the status of the vmware-webAccess service by typing: #service vmware-webAccess status
  2. If the service is not running, start it with: #service vmwware-webAccess start
  3. If you want to start this service automatically when your ESX server starts, type: #chkconfig – – level 3 vmware-webAccess on
  4. Now, try again to log in to the Web Access of you ESX server and the issue schould be solved.

Cheers! 🙂

– Marek.Z


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  2. Helly everyone!

    I’m trying to get this to work on ESXi v5 🙂

    ~ # service vmware-webAccess status
    -ash: service: not found


    Can someone help me out? Checked google for solution but couldn’t find one thusfar. Thanks in advance,


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