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VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain

Once the Network Pools are created and ESXi hosts are commissioned, the next logical step in the VCF 3.0 deployment is to create workload domain. A workload domain is a policy-based resource container with specific availability and performance attributes and combining vSphere, vSAN, and NSX into a single consumable entity for a specific purpose. Before you begin, gather the following information for the new workload domain. New WLD name New Cluster name Organization name New […]

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VCF 3.0 Commission and Decommission hosts

After a successful bing-up you can now start to add ESXi hosts to the SDDC manager inventory in order to create workload domains. This process is called commissioning within the SDDC Manager. However, before you can add the hosts, you must configure network pools first. ESXi host can also be removed or decommissioned from the SDDC Manager but needs to be cleaned up before they can be used again. Adding an ESXi host to the […]

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VCF 3.0 Bring-up

The VCF 3.0 bring-up process will deploy and configure the management workload domain using the Cloud Builder appliance and the process is quite straightforward. Make sure that all prerequisites and preparation steps from the previous blog post are completed before you begin. VCF 3.0 Bring-up Cloud Builder Deployment Parameter Guide (Excel sheet) As already mentioned in the previous blog post, you can obtain the deployment parameter guide (Excel sheet) from the Cloud Builder itself once […]

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VCF 3.0 Requirements and Preparation

It’s been a while since my last blog post and that is mainly because I was working on a couple interesting engagements where I was co-designing and deploying VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0 for a number of our customers. If you are not familiar with VCF, I suggest having a look at the product page on VMware website. Since VCF 3.0 is a fairly new and emerging VMware product, I will share my experience in a […]


What’s new in VCF 3.0

A brand new release of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0 (VCF 3.0) has just been announced at VMWorld 2018 in Las Vegas. This release brings a lot of new stuff but also some changes in the overall VCF 3.0 architecture. I’ve been following the internal development of VCF 3.0 very closely by VMware Engineering and I love to see how this product matures. What’s new in VCF 3.0 Architecture Changes Bring Your Own Network – VCF […]

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How to rotate passwords on VCF

As every good administrator knows, from the security point of view rotating password on all of your infrastructure components is mandatory on a regular basis. VMware Could Foundation (VCF) is not an exception. VCF consists of many components like SDDC Manager, NSX Manager, vCenter Server(s) etc. so changing all passwords for every component will become a lengthy task. Luckily, there is a build-in tool in the SDDC Manager that will change the password on all […]

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Preparing switches for imaging on VCF

In the past few months, I’ve done some very interesting VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) deployments at several customers. One thing that I’ve seen a lot in the field is that the physical switches are not properly prepared for the imaging. In order to start imaging, you have to install the correct firmware and erase the configuration on the switches. Also, depending on the vendor, you have to put the switch in appropriate mode before the […]

vCSA 6.7 Backup Schedul Featured
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vCSA 6.7 Backup Schedule & Folder Structure

In vSphere 6.7, we finally have the vCSA 6.7 Backup Schedule which I think was one of the most requested features for this release. Schedule can be set up using either the API, CLI or through the UI. I will not cover this step-by-step as the process is quite self-explanatory. Instead, once you create a couple of manual and automatic backups, you may discover that the backup files have different naming structure as depicted below. […]