Unload unnecessary modules from your ESX host.

“Turn off what you do not need” is my motto 🙂 . So, if you are not using the VMFS-2 (which you probably aren’t using since ESX 3.x) and/or NFSClient in you environment than you can safely unload these modules from your ESX host. You can list currently loaded modules with #esxcfg-module –q and if you want to disable the modules mentioned above then:

  1. Login to you ESX host as root user
  2. First, unload the modules by typing:
  3. #esxcfg-module –u vmfs2
  4. #esxcfg-module –u nfsclient
  5. Next, disable the modules:
  6. #esxcfg-module –d vmfs2
  7. #esxcfg-module –d nfsclient
  8. Reboot your ESX host: #shutdown –r now
  9. After reboot, login and verify that the modules are not loaded by typing: #esxcfg-module –q |more
  10. Logoff your ESX host

If you want to load the disabled modules, simply use the esxcfg-module –e <module_name> command and reboot the host.



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