Uninstall Volume Shadow Copy Service Support and Shared Folders from VMware Tools

Lately, I have observed an issue during the back-up with the Symantec Back-up Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The back-up attempt fails stating that it was unable to quiescent a file system and an Event ID 34113 is logged in the Windows application log. According to the Symantec article TECH128039, this issue can be solved by reinstalling the VMware Tools on the guest virtual machine without the VMware VSS Driver and VMware File system Sync Driver. OK, that’s clear by doing this on 100+ VMs is not funny so here is a simple procedure to automate the process.

  1. Mount the VMware tools CD-ROM on the VM
  2. Create the following batch file and place it in desired directory:
  3. Create a new task and schedule this batch job as desired

After reboot the VMware VSS Driver and VMware File system Sync Driver should be uninstalled.


– Marek.Z

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