Update: Start and stop VMware Workstation services on your laptop – menu driven.

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about starting and stopping the VMware Workstation services on your laptop. Yesterday, VMware Workstation 8 has been released and there are some changes in the services that this application uses. After the installation I have noticed that the VMware Agent Service and the VMware DHCP Service are now gone. They have been replaced by the VMware Workstation Server service. This leads to an update of my “ Start & Stop VMware Workstation.bat” file. So, here we go 🙂

@echo off
echo Start/Stop VMware Workstation services
echo 1. Start
echo 2. Stop
choice /c:12

If errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 goto start
If errorlevel 2 if not errorlevel 3 goto stop

net start "VMware Workstation Server"
net start "VMware NAT Service"
goto end

net stop "VMware Workstation Server"
net stop "VMware Authorization Service"
net stop "VMware NAT Service"
net stop "VMware USB Arbitration Service"
goto end


Copy and paste the code above to a batch file. Place it on your desktop for easy access. Don’t forget to set the start-up type to Manual of the VMware Workstation services mentioned above through services.msc in your Windows system.


– Marek.Z


  1. Thanks for the info,

    But if you cut and paste the above, change the pasted Quotation mark ” to an keyboard typed ” or it will fail and also run this bat file as an administrator so it fully works in win 7 x64 if not you get a code 5.

    • Hi there,

      Yes, indeed, you are absolutely right. To run this .cmd or .bat file you will have to change the User Account Control settings to “Never notify me” in Windows 7.

      And those ” marks are wrongly translated in WordPress, my apologies.


      Update: The formatting of the apostrophe have been solved when you copy/paste it to a .bat or .cmd file.

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