VMworld 2011 Copenhagen – Day 2.

Early start! After the breakfast with @esloof @teovmy @jpiscaer, @Arjantim and @Scorpinus, we went to the Bella Center for the second VMworld day. Here are the sessions that I attended:

  • VSP3866: Performance Best Practices and Troubleshooting. “Performance issues and troubleshooting are often in the critical path of any virtualization effort. Presented by VMware technical support experts, this session is designed to provide insight into performance issues and best practices that VMware support and field organizations resolve on a regular basis. It will cover top-down holistic troubleshooting and application of best practices in a virtualized cloud environment. This session will also cover utilizing the appropriate tools, benchmarking and knowledge to troubleshoot the environment from the application level to the physical hardware level in a real-world setting. This is one of our most popular Customer Support Day presentations.
  • VSP3067: Mythbusters Goes Virtual. “Some things never change. Or do they? VMware vSphere is getting new and improved features with every release. And these features change the characteristics and performance of the virtual machines. If you are not up to speed, you will probably manage your environment relying on old, no-longer-accurate information. The vMythbusters have collected a series of interesting hot topics that we have seen widely discussed in virtualization communities, on blogs and on Twitter. We’ve put these topics to the test in our lab to determine if they are a myth or truth.
  • CIM1264: Private VMware vCloud Architecture Technical Deep Dive. “Enterprises globally are enthusiastically embracing cloud computing as a way of both reducing costs and improving the quality of service IT provides to its end customers. To achieve this, enterprises are looking to VMware and its partners to help them deploy VMware vCloud Director-based private cloud environments. For a VMware vCloud Director-based private cloud to be successful and operationally sustainable, an absolutely critical first step is developing solid vCloud architecture. This session will help partners and enterprises address this critical first step by exploring the proven, practical activities and considerations VMware has defined, based on experience, for developing a vCloud architecture.
  • VSP3868: VMware vStorage Best Practices. “Topics include storage performance best practices, performance versus capacity, storage subsystem differences, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, the best choice of NFS, tips and tricks for storage, and troubleshooting for common issues. This is one of our most popular Customer Support Day presentations.

After the welcome reception there was the vExpert meeting in the Bella Sky Hotel. I had a chance to talk to @esloof, @ibeerens, @teovmy, @vConsult @larstr @jpiscaer, and of course @jtroyer (and his wife) 🙂 Got to love the jacket John! 🙂 It was great meeting guys! Thanks!


– Marek.Z

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