VMworld 2011 Copenhagen – Day 3

Another early start for this morning. Quick breakfast and off to Bella Center for more VMware madness! Here are the session that I attended:

  • BCO1562: Site Recovery Manager 5.0 and VMware vSphere Replication. “Site Recovery Manager 5.0 combined with VMware vSphere replication introduces the ability to protect any virtual machine anywhere. In this session you will learn about the main use cases for this new technology. More importantly, you will learn about the architecture options available to you. We will look at standard site-to-site protection architecture for customers not running replicated SAN infrastructure, DR-as-a-service implementation options and finally how existing SAN based Site Recovery Manager customers can deploy the technology to protect ROBO sites where no SANs exist and expand on their existing Site Recovery Manager deployment.
  • VSP2384: Distributed Datacenters with Multiple vCenter Deployments: Best Practices. “VMware vCenter deployments are increasing in proportion to the increase in virtualized workloads. These deployments range from single datacenters to datacenters spread across a single town or across the globe. We are often asked about best practices for the various deployment scenarios. This session is intended to answer that need. We will describe vCenter internals and use that information to explain deployment best practices and discuss common performance-related issues and how to get around them. This session will help attendees make the right decisions around implementation, configuration and performance of their vCenter deployments. It should be very useful to anyone who manages a vCenter installation and wants to get more from their investment in their virtualization management platform.
  • VSP3307: Deployment Considerations for ESXi 5.0. “This session will explore all you need to know about ESXi 5.0 deployment. We will start with the use of Image Builder to create ESXi images tailored for your environment. We’ll then go over deployment options such as VUM, scripted installation, Boot from SAN, and Auto Deploy. Finally we’ll address options for post-deployment configuration, including scripted installation, Host Profiles, and vCLI and PowerCLI scripting.
  • VSP1682: VMware vSphere Clustering Q&A. “In this session Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping will answer questions about VMware vSphere™ clustering. As an audience member, you will have the chance to validate your own environment and design decisions with subject matter experts on VMware High Availability, VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMware Storage DRS. Potential topics include misunderstandings around admission control policies, the impact of limits and reservations on your environment, the benefits of using resource pools, anti-affinity rules gotchas, VMware Distributed Power Management and anything regarding Storage DRS. This is your chance to ask what you’ve always wanted to know.
  • VSP3255: VMware Storage vMotion Deep Dive and Best Practices. “VMware Storage vMotion enables live migration of virtual disks across storage arrays to enable upgrade, maintenance and load balancing of storage arrays without incurring service downtime. In VMware vSphere 5.0, Storage vMotion has been redesigned from the ground up to provide predictability, guaranteed migration success and support for virtual machines with snapshots and linked-clone virtual machines. The performance improvements in this release typically bring migration times within a few percentage points of ideal. In this session we will offer a deep dive into the architectural changes in vSphere 5.0, discuss performance improvements and cover best practices.

After the dinner with my colleagues from Valid, we went to the Altitude City for the VMware Party. This was big, really big place with entertainment, live performance, old arcade games and free drinks 🙂 Here are some pictures from the show. I apologize for the poor quality…


– Marek.Z

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