ESXCLI Basics: Setup SNMP on ESXi 5.x

This is really basics stuff, but here is a quick how to.

  1. Connect to your host through SSH or open the DCUI.
  2. Setup the target SNMP server, port and community string: # esxcli system snmp set –t <ip_or_fqdn>@/<community_string>
  3. Enable SNMP: # esxcli system snmp set –e yes
  4. Logout.

Done! 🙂

Verify the snmpd service is running and check if the ports are open on the host though vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client.

Please note that the esxcli system snmp namespace is available from vSphere CLI version 5.1.


– Marek.Z


  1. I noticed that the snmp namespace was not available in 5.0.x

    What’s New in vSphere CLI 5.1
    The following new commands have been added to the ESXCLI command set.

    New esxcli system snmp namespace replaces vicfg-snmp commands. The following commands have been added.
    esxcli system snmp get | hash | set | test

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