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Back to Basics – SRM – Part 7: Migration & Failover

In the previous part we created, configured and tested a recovery plan. In this part we will perform a planned migration and a disaster recovery from the Protected Site to the Recovery Site to simulate a disaster recovery scenario. But first, let’s define both scenarios once again. What is a planned migration? “Planned migration enables you to migrate the workloads from the protected site to the recovery site with minimal risk of data loss. A […]

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Back to Basics – SRM – Part 6: Recovery Plans

In the previous part we’ve created and configured protection groups in Site Recovery Manager. In this part of the SRM mini-series we will have a closer look at the recovery plans that can be configured through the vSphere Web Client in the Site Recovery Manager. Create Recovery Plans On the Protected Site, open the vSphere Web Client and log in with the administrator account. On the left pane, under Home, go to Site Recovery. Next, […]


VMTN is back! Kind off…

The VMware VMTN Subscription program ran from June 2005 through to February 2007 and offered software developers and IT professionals access to VMware products. Officially, the program ended on February 16, 2007. But let’s have a closer look why it ended in the first place. As described in the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) Subscription End-of-Life FAQ. Question: Why is VMTN Subscription ending? Answer:  VMware VMTN Subscription has been a successful, award-winning offering, providing software developers […]


News: ONE Event You Won’t Want to Miss!

Some exciting news today VMware today! Join VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, to usher in a new era in IT that will further enable your cloud journey. It’s the ONE industry-defining event you won’t want to miss! This event is so big that it will broadcast around the globe the entire week of February 2nd and continuing the excitement throughout February. All event registrants will also automatically receive access to additional content, engagement, and activities via […]