It is time for something new!

I’ve been a Technical Consultant at different organizations for more than 3 years now and in the last months I have been thinking what will be the next step in my career. I noticed that the virtualization market is changing. Most, if not all, datacenters are now virtualized and automation/orchestration becomes more and more important in implementation and maintenance of the virtual infrastructures. Also, the cloud is increasingly used by new and emerging organizations.

This said, it is time for me to do something new. After careful consideration I have decided to join Canopy Cloud as a Technical (System) Engineer VMware starting April 1st 2015. My main focus on the job will be providing expertise in the implementation, adoption and adherence to enterprise architecture strategies, processes and standards relating to the VMware environment. Provide expertise and guidance in the design, development, and implementation of all VMware related technologies. Provide technology assistance related to VMware based technologies and architecture and direction to other teams, ensuring that all technology domains work effectively together.

About Canopy

Canopy Cloud Logo

If you haven’t heard about Canopy Cloud, here is a quick summary of the organization.

In early 2012, a formidable joint venture between Atos, EMC and VMware was announced and with that came the foundation of Canopy. Deemed to be a new force in enterprise cloud combining the experience of the largest European IT service provider with two of the biggest hitters in cloud technology. Canopy is the end-to-end cloud services provider, enabling customers to drive transformational IT via the cloud by leveraging world-class datacenter and consulting services.

Exciting times ahead! I am looking forward to my new role at Canopy Cloud!

Regarding to my blogging, I don’t expect much change except that I will now probably cover some more automation/orchestration info based on VMware products so stay tuned! J And as always, I will try to provide you with good how-to and troubleshooting content based on my experience and projects I took part on.


– Marek.Z


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