It is time for something new!

I’ve been a Technical Consultant at different organizations for more than 3 years now and in the last months I have been thinking what will be the next step in my career. I noticed that the virtualization market is changing. Most, if not all, datacenters are now virtualized and automation/orchestration becomes more and more important in implementation and maintenance of the virtual infrastructures. Also, the cloud is increasingly used by new and emerging organizations. This […]

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How to use VM Resource and Availability Service (vRAS)

The VM Resource and Availability Service (vRAS) was announced at VMworld this year and now it is available to use. This service estimates the impact of one or more host failures in a cluster in which vSphere HA and vSphere DRS are enabled. For each simulated failure, the service reports the following: The VMs that could not be restarted due to insufficient capacity to meet VM reservations, and For each VM that could be restarted […]


vSphere 6 is GA!

Good news from VMware today! The vSphere 6 binaries as well as the product documentation are available for download! 🙂 Documentation Features & Release Notes What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.0 VMware vSphere 6.0 Release Notes Configuration Limits Configuration Maximums for VMware vSphere 6.0 ESXi and vCenter Server Product Documentation vSphere Installation and Setup Guide vSphere Upgrade Guide vCenter Server and Host Management Guide vCenter Server Appliance Configuration Guide vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guide vSphere […]

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Customizing IP addresses for VM’s in SRM 5 – Part 3

In the previous part we had a closer look at customizing the IP addresses of multiple virtual machines in SRM using the IP customization rules. In this final part of customizing IP addresses in SRM 5, we will customize the IP addresses for multiple virtual machines using the DR IP Customizer tool which is installed with SRM. According to the Site Recovery Manager Administrator Guide, the DR IP Customizer tool allows you to define explicit […]

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Voting is now open for the Top vBlog 2015!

Every year, Eric Siebert from runs the annual voting for the best VMware & Virtualization blogs (Top vBlog). Just like last year, Default Reasoning is also taking part of the voting this year. Before you vote, please consider the following voting tips from Eric. All this is made possible by Infinio who is the official sponsor for Top vBlog 2015 ! Thanks guys! 🙂 So, if you found my blogs interesting and worth reading in the past year, your […]