How to create custom vROps groups based on vCenter Server folder

A quick post on how to create custom vROps groups based on the vCenter Server folders this time. It is a nice feature in vROps that lets you (dynamically) categorize your objects and display the data collected from those objects in dashboards and views according to the way you define the data to appear.

Create custom vROps groups based on vCenter Server folder

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to your vROps user interface.
  2. Login with the administrator account.
  3. Go to the Environment, make sure the Groups tab is selected and click the green plus sign to create a new group.vROps groups Folder 01
  4. Next, in the New Group window, enter a name for the new group. Select Environment as the group type, select appropriate policy and check the “Keep group membership up to date” checkbox.
  5. In the Define membership criteria section, select vCenter Adapter -> Virtual Machine as the Object Type. Select Relationship – Descendant of – contains – <Name of VM Folder> as depicted below.vROps groups Folder 02
  6. Click the Preview button on the left down to preview the group membership. Click OK to save and close the new group.
  7. Done!

Your custom group based on folder you selected in the vCenter Server will be created. Every time you add a new object to that folder it will automatically become a member of that group! 🙂


– Marek.Z

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