How to enable hidden Power Metrics in vROps 6

According to vROps 6 Reference Guide, page 47, table 1-56, the Power Metrics for the Cluster Compute Resource are still included in vROps so they should be available from the object selector. Unfortunately, they are not. As by design, the Power Metrics are hidden in vROps 6. To unhide them, follow this simple procedure.

Enable hidden Power Metrics in vROps 6

  1. Open the vROps admin page and log in with the Admin account.
  2. From the Administration page go to policies and edit your default policy.
  3. Next, got to Collected Metrics and Properties. Filter the State column only for the Local – Disabled and Inherited – Disabled.Power Metric in vROps 6
  4. Enter “Power” in the search and hit enter. This should display only the metrics that are applicable to the power settings. Change the Stage setting to Local – Enabled for all power settings that you want to enable and click Save.Power Metrics in vROps 6
  5. To verify if the metrics are visible, create a custom view in vR Ops and select List as the presentation option, Host System as the Subject.
  6. Power metrics should now be available from the metric selector.Power Metrics in vROps 6

All done! If you don’t see the metrics right away, give it a little bit more time to propagate the change in vR Ops.

This procedure should also work for any other hidden metric in vR Ops 6 of course! 🙂


– Marek.Z

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