Permit Project Management access only in vROps

Another interesting case in customizing vROps. I received a question from a customer who wanted to permit vROps project management feature access for a specific group of users in the Active Directory. All other vROps dashboards, views, features etc. should be disabled or not visible. To achieve this, you need to create a custom role for the group with specific permission within vROps.

Permit Project Management access only

In order to permit Project Management access to a specific group, a custom role must be created first.

Create custom role

  1. Log in to the vROps user interface (UI) as the admin user and navigate to Administration -> Access Control and select the Roles tab.Permit Project Management access only – 01
  2. Click the green plus sign to add a new custom role.
  3. Enter a name and a description. Click OK to create the new role.
  4. In the left-bottom, click the pencil icon next to Permissions.
  5. Configure the following Administration permissions:
    1. Login InteractivelyPermit Project Management access only – 02
  6. Configure the following Content permissions:
    1. Alert Definition Management: Create, Delete, Edit, Read
    2. Views Management: RenderPermit Project Management access only – 03
  7. Configure the following Environment permissions:
    1. Inventory trees: VMware Adapter – vSphere Hosts and Clusters
    2. Projects Management
    3. View Dashboard Home Page
    4. View Environment Home PagePermit Project Management access only – 04
  8. Click Update to save the settings.

Import group from AD

  1. Switch to the User Groups tab, next to the Roles
  2. Import a group from the Active Directory and assign the custom role created earlier.
  3. Check “Assign this role to the group” option and assign it to the vCenter Server object on the right pane.Permit Project Management access only – 05
  4. Click Finish.

Test access

Log in as a member of the imported AD group and check if the Projects Management tab is displayed. All other vROps features should be disabled and/or not visible.Permit Project Management access only – 06


– Marek.Z

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