Fresh from the press: VCF Guardrails

VCF Guardrails

VMware just published the first edition of the VMware Cloud Foundation Guardrails for VCF version 2.3.1. This is a must read for anyone who wants to deploy VMware Cloud Foundation – partners, customers, etc.

This document explains the supported changes you can do in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment and what you need to watch out for but also gives guidance on supported configurations.

Topics include

  • Physical Switches and Networks
  • Server Hardware
  • General questions and answers
  • Storage and vSAN
  • vCenter Server
  • Hybrid Cloud Use Cases
  • Operational Aspects

To download the VCF Guardrails, go to the official VMware Docs – VMware Cloud Foundation page. Expand the VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3.1 section and open the PDF documentaion section. Or download it directly from this link.


– Marek.Z


    • Hi,

      Follow up – you cannot change the default vSAN storage policy as configured by default during the bring-up phase by the SDDC manager. You can however create a new vSAN policy based on your requirements afterwards. Just make sure your hardware is able to support it.

      Hope this helps.

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