Preparing switches for imaging on VCF

In the past few months, I’ve done some very interesting VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) deployments at several customers. One thing that I’ve seen a lot in the field is that the physical switches are not properly prepared for the imaging. In order to start imaging, you have to install the correct firmware and erase the configuration on the switches. Also, depending on the vendor, you have to put the switch in appropriate mode before the imaging.

Preparing switches for imaging on VCF

  1. Connect the serial cable to console port of the switch​ and configure a terminal program of your choice with the correct settings​. Keep in mind that Cisco and Arista uses 9600 Baud​ and Dell Management switch uses 115200 Baud​.
  2. Next, reset the switch to the appropriate mode as described in the documentation. Also, make sure that the recommended firmware version is installed on your switches!

For Dell Management switch

  1. Reboot​ the switch.
  2. During the boot, select ONIE-> ONIE INSTALL OS mode.
  3. To wipe the switch: # sudo cl-img-select –k​
  4. ​Done.

After the reboot the switch goes into ONIE boot mode and is ready for imaging.

For Cisco & Arista switches

  1. To wipe the switch enter: # wr er
  2. Reboot the switch: # reboot
  3. Done.

After reboot, verify that the switch goes into Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) mode on Arista and PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) mode on Cisco.

Now your switches are ready to be imaged by the VIA appliance.


– Marek.Z

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