VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain

Once the Network Pools are created and ESXi hosts are commissioned, the next logical step in the VCF 3.0 deployment is to create workload domain.

A workload domain is a policy-based resource container with specific availability and performance attributes and combining vSphere, vSAN, and NSX into a single consumable entity for a specific purpose.

Before you begin, gather the following information for the new workload domain.

  • New WLD name
  • New Cluster name
  • Organization name
  • New vCenter IP address, FQDN, subnet mask, gateway, and root user password.
  • New NSX manager IP address, FQDN, subnet mask, gateway, NSX Manager Admin password, enable password.
  • NSX Controllers IP addresses, FQDN’s, subnet mask, gateway, and NSX Controllers password.

Note that the IP and FQDN must be resolvable (forward & reverse) for every component before you start the deployment. Double check it from the SDDC manager command line and one of the ESXi hosts.

Create Workload Domain

  1. With the SDDC Manager still open, navigate to Inventory – Workload Domains and click VI-Infrastructure option from the Workload Domain drop-down menu.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 01
  2. Provide the information gathered above and once ready, click Next.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 02
  3. Review the Object Names and click Next.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 03
  4. On the Storage dialog box, specify the level of availability (FTT) you want configured for this virtual environment.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 04
  5. Next, select the hosts that you want to use for the new VI workload domain.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 05
  6. On the Licenses page, select the vCenter, vSphere, vSAN, and NSX licenses you want to apply to the VI workload domain. Click Next to continue.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 06
  7. Review the settings and click Finish to start the Workload Domain deployment.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 07

The new Workload Domain is being created. You can monitor the progress in the Task pane and click on the View Subtasks to see the details about workflows being executed.VCF 3.0 Create Workload Domain 08

This process takes approximately 3 hours depending on the number of hosts you have selected. The result is a workload-ready SDDC environment!



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