Simplifying NSX Edge Cluster Deployment in VMware Cloud Foundation

NSX Edge Cluster Deployment in VMware Cloud Foundation (version 4.5) is an automated process that can be initiated on the SDDC Manager. It will deploy NSX Edge cluster with 2-tier routing to provide north-south routing and network services in the management domain and virtual infrastructure workload domains. This process is wizard-driven and does not provide a visual overview of the deployment process. To streamline this, I have created a diagram that offers a clear visual representation of the Edge Cluster deployment in VMware Cloud Foundation. In this blog post, we will explore this diagram and provide you a visual insights to help you successfully implement NSX Edge Clusters within your VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure. Let’s dive in!

Deploy NSX Edge Cluster from SDDC Manager

The following diagram illustrates a typical 2-node NSX Edge Cluster that will be deployed by the SDDC Manager.

NSX Edge Cluster by SDDC Manager

Based on the diagram above, the deployment wizard will contain the following steps:

  1. General Edge Cluster information
  2. Edge Cluster settings
  3. Edge Node 1 details
  4. Edge Node 2 details
  5. Summary
  6. Validation

NSX Edge Cluster Deployment Diagram

The following diagram represents an accurate mapping between the values used in the wizard on the SDDC Manager and the corresponding components of the NSX Edge Cluster. The intention is to provide you with a clearer understanding and visual representation of how the Edge Cluster is deployed by the SDDC Manager in VMware Cloud Foundation. I hope this diagram will help you next time you deploy an Edge Cluster!

NSX Edge Deployment Workflow in SDDC Manager - General OverviewYou can also download a PDF version here.


– Marek.Z

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