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How to upgrade vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.7 to version 5.8

Here is a quick-steps guide on how to upgrade the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.7 to version 5.8. In this case I will perform an in-place upgrade of vCenter Infrastructure Navigator. Before we begin, let’s take a look at what’s new in vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.8. vCenter Infrastructure Navigator now works with vSphere Web Client versions 5.5 and 5.1. You can customize vCenter Hyperic agent profiles that you can then select when deploying the agent on […]

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Integrating vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager

This is a quick-steps guide on how to integrate the vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager, using the management pack for vCenter Hyperic. The management pack for vCenter Hyperic includes an embedded adapter and preconfigured dashboards. You can use the dashboards to monitor the vCenter Hyperic resources imported by the management pack. In this example I am using vCenter Hyperic version 5.8.1 and vCenter Operations Manager version 5.8.1. Before you begin, download the Management Pack […]


Veeam News – NetApp Snapshot Support!

Great news for all NetApp users from Veeam! Veeam announces the first new feature in the upcoming Veeam Backup & Replication v8 release – NetApp Snapshot Support! Integration of NetApp and Veeam allows you to achieve: Fast backups: back up VMware VMs from NetApp storage snapshots up to 20 times faster Quick recovery: easily recover individual items from NetApp Snapshot, SnapMirror and SnapVault Improved protection: improve DR protection by creating instant, secondary backups from NetApp […]


Product review – Remote Desktop Manager from Devolutions

Most of system and network administrators or troubleshooters probably already know the Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) from Devolutions. RDM is a centralized tool for all your remote connections, passwords and credentials in one unique management platform. Before we jump into the tool, let’s have a look at the features it has to offer. Connection integration including RDP, VNC, FTP, VPN, Web, SSH and more. Secure, organize and store sensitive data. Information centralization. Share sessions and […]

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Achievement Unlocked – vExpert 2014!

Yesterday, Corey Romero and the VMware Social Media & Community Team announced the 2014 vExperts list. Today, I am honored and happy to announce that I have been awarded the vExpert award for the third time! 🙂 I want also to point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal […]

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How To Install and Configure vCenter Hyperic 5.8

In this blog post we will take a closer look at installation and configuration procedures when installing the vCenter Hyperic software. Before we go any further, let’s first define what vCenter Hyperic actually is. VMware vCenter Hyperic (Formerly known as VMware vFabric Hyperic) is a component of the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. It monitors physical hardware resources, operating systems, middleware and applications running in physical, virtual and cloud environment. Source: The vCenter Hyperic […]