News: VeeamON 2014

VeeamON 2014 is the world’s first and only event to focus entirely on Availability for the Modern Data Center. The conference brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts and IT professionals who’ll be immersed in the latest technology for the Always-On Business. An intensive 3-day conference, VeeamON 2014, will include a wide variety of breakout sessions across multiple tracks. As an IT professional, you’ll learn new techniques, get deep-dives into products, connect with like-minded peers […]


How To Install and Configure vSphere App HA – Part 2

In the previous part, we have deployed a vSphere App HA virtual machine and we also configured the connection for the vCenter Hyperic server that the vSphere App HA will use. In this part we will continue with the remaining vSphere App HA configuration settings. vCenter Hyperic Agent Properties File Configuration To enable vSphere App HA alarms on the vCenter Server, you must configure certain values in the vCenter Hyperic file. Before you can […]


How To Install and Configure vSphere App HA – Part 1

The last couple of days I’ve been playing around with vSphere App HA in my home lab, so here is a small series on how to install and configure vSphere App HA version 1.1. Before we begin let’s have a look at what vSphere App HA actually is. vSphere App HA is a feature that complements the functionality of VMware vSphere High Availability with application-level monitoring and automated remediation. App HA improves application uptime through […]