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How to upgrade vCloud Connector 2.5 to version 2.6

Here is a quick-steps guide on how to upgrade the vCloud Connector 2.5 to version 2.6. In this case I will perform an in-place upgrade of vCloud Connector Server and Nodes running on vSphere. Before we begin, let’s take a look at what’s new in vCloud Connector 2.6. Removal of Licensing Requirements Copy Validation Guest Customization option for deployment Network connection mode for deployment For full description of the new features and fixed bugs, please […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 23: (Final) Thoughts & Conclusions

So… my proof of concept series conducted at a customer site comes to an end and now it is time to summarize and evaluate the concept. First off all, I must say that I really enjoyed building this POC. Reading documentation, implementing the products and troubleshooting (luckily a few) installation and configuration issues was a great experience and a really good learning curve on all products. When the POC implementation was finished, the customer got […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 22: Configure vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

In the previous part we have deployed the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator virtual appliance and licensed it with a license key. In this part we will continue with configuration of the appliance. Configure vCenter Infrastructure Navigator The vCenter Infrastructure Navigator installs as a plug-in into the vCenter Web Client so in order start using it you have to open the vSphere Web Client. Open the vSphere Web Client and login with your administrator account or if […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 21: Add vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

As the vCloud Suite proof of concept environment is running and now the users can request resources from the Self Service Portal, we can now add another layer that automatically discovers application services, visualizes relationships and maps dependencies of applications on virtualized compute, storage and network resources. To do this, VMware offers the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator. Before we begin with the deployment of vCenter Infrastructure Navigator, let’s define what it actually is. vCenter Infrastructure Navigator […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 20: Request Resources Using vCAC Self Service Portal

In previous part of this vCloud Suite Proof of Concept we have integrated the vCloud Director with the vCloud Automation Center and created blueprints for virtual machines that a customer can request through the Self Service Portal. Now we will take a closer look at the resource request from the Self Service Portal. Request Resources Open the Self Service Portal by typing https://<vCAC_Server>/vCACSelfService address in your internet browser. Login with user credentials. I’ve created an […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 19: vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center Integration

In the previous two parts of this vCloud Suite POC we have installed and configured the vCloud Automation Center and the Self-Service Portal. In this part we will integrate the vCloud Director in the vCloud Automation Center. This will enable users to provision vApps in a virtual datacenter based on an existing vApp template, bringing the software-defined services of vCloud Director together with the user-centric governance of vCloud Automation Center. Before you begin, make sure […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 18: Install and Configure vCAC Self-Service Portal Website

The next step in the vCloud Automation Center deployment process is installation and configuration of the Self-Service Portal. The vCAC Self-Service portal website is a standalone interface that streamlines a user’s ability to request access to virtual, cloud or physical machines. Please note that this portal is not the same as the Self-Service option that is available from the vCAC console. Before you begin, download the file from VMware. Prerequisite Checker Start the already […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 17: Install and Configure vCloud Automation Center

In the previous part we have set up all prerequisites necessary for the vCloud Automation Center. We can now proceed with the installation and configuration. Install vCAC Navigate to the extracted installation zip folder and from the Setup folder, execute vCAC-Server-Setup file. Accept the EULA. Click Next. Chose the destination folder or leave it to default. Click Next. Make sure you enable the Database option and click Next. Click Install to start the installation. Click […]